Abandoned Breweries

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Fascinating pictures of abandoned breweries from various countries.


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Dammit, doesn’t work at work :(

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Originally posted by JulienHuxley
Dammit, doesn’t work at work :(

Does your work ban weburbanist?

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...Now I wanna go visit that one in Morris

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They hate the city!

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Some really cool photos in there! Awesome find.

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Would love to put on a gas mask, some body armor, and play some paintball in those

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Exploring abandoned buildings is something I really love doing and would really want to do more often...

My last visit was to the abandoned Political School in Kumrovec, Tito’s birthplace. A very big single-building complex just outside the village, where students could live and study, still in rather good shape... after the fall of Yugoslavia it was briefly abandoned, and then used as a hospice for the refugees escaping the invaded parts of Croatia. In roughly 1998 it was then abandoned. After gypsies started going in looking for copper and such, the police started watching it more closely, so it’s a bit risky to walk around. It used to have a big library, which is now usually looted book by book by new waves of visitors, for souveniers as they’re well protected from weather, even if the shelves were apparently stolen. A very interesting relict of a former regime, with a patina of what followed... late 90’s teen posters on the walls of a building that lost its primary function nearly a decade before that, kids who lost their homes trying to have a more or less normal childhood/adolescence in a place far from their lands because of fascists from what was at that point another country, operating partly under the guise of what was taught in peacetime in that very building.

Never got to visit an abandoned brewery though...

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Cool stuff.