Your Most Meaningful Stat

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As I recently passed 1,000 beers rated on this site, I felt as if the moment didnít seem as meaningful as my 100th beer from Kentucky, my home state. At the time, I was the 2nd or 3rd person (as far as I can tell) who had accomplished such, and one of the first actually from Kentucky (TMoney is from Ohio, I think).

So, what is your most meaningful stat? Why do you find it more meaningful than others?

beers 1588 º places 63 º 15:31 Tue 1/29/2013

Cracking the top ten in that and sliding into second place by the end of February. Hopefully hit #1 by the end of the year.

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Originally posted by randomgarbage

Cracking the top ten in that and sliding into second place by the end of February. Hopefully hit #1 by the end of the year March.


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The last 8 or so ticks I need are going to be tough to acquire, my brother.

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Shit I need to get you those 3 Champales. I TOLD YOU TO REMIND ME

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I guess being in top 25 for ratings of ny beers. My goal was to break top 50 in 2011 and got top 25 in 2012 but thatís good enough. I have 72 out of 73 style ratings itíd be meaningful to me to get them all. Damn u ever elusive Lambic Unblended

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Iím pretty happy to be in the top 25 for PA raters as well as for beers brewed in PA. I also am happy and privileged to have tried every beer that has been tapped or bottled at Tired Hands and a few that Tired Hands made that were tapped elsewhere.

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Hitting 1000. Now I just drink what I like or what takes my fancy. I donít drink for the sake of ratings.

16:39 Tue 1/29/2013
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Iím most proud of my place ratings - rated places in 50 countries. Rated 100 places and 100 beers in DC. Stuff like that.

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#1 rater of DE beers

and my average rated beer has a score of 3.62 That means I drink good sh!t