Potential Dumb Question!

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beers 106 º 10:41 Wed 1/30/2013

Is it ok to put beers in your suitcase? The suitcase will be in the luggage compartment on a long haul flight.


beers 9504 º places 332 º 10:42 Wed 1/30/2013

You mean checked bags? Hell yes! I've packed tons in

beers 1511 º places 103 º 10:44 Wed 1/30/2013

Yep! Just pack 'em safe and tight! Luggage handlers are the only people who care less about what you packed than the USPS.

beers 8888 º places 282 º 10:48 Wed 1/30/2013

Yep. Just make sure you pack it up well because you don't want to ruin all of your clothes and belongings.

beers 10711 º places 668 º 10:50 Wed 1/30/2013

Originally posted by drowland
Yep. Just make sure you pack it up well because you don't want to ruin all of your clothes and belongings beer.

beers 88 º places 1529 º 10:53 Wed 1/30/2013

I've flown from across the Atlantic three times now with beer and it never froze, so it should be fine.

beers 3470 º places 41 º 10:57 Wed 1/30/2013

Ive put 12 bombers in one suitcase before. I bought those giant ziplock bags and bubble wrap. My wife said it looked like an episode of Dexter because I had all this plastic and tape/scissors spread out over the hotel room when I was packing it up.

beers 106 º 11:03 Wed 1/30/2013

Thanks :)

I'll bring some lambic with me then!

beers 8888 º places 282 º 11:05 Wed 1/30/2013

They have taken mine out and looked at them before, but I've never lost any bottles or broken any. 12oz bottle fit nicely in shoes if you have decent sized feet.

beers 1846 º places 83 º 11:07 Wed 1/30/2013

Absolutely! I've done it many times. On top of what others have suggested, I say make sure they're wrapped in some plastic bags (yes, plural) so if they break you don't end up with beery clothes, then wrap them in a shirt or something and pack them tightly amongst other soft clothes. You should be fine.

beers 3280 º places 3 º 11:08 Wed 1/30/2013

I've checked a 12-styro shipper as luggage before and it worked great.