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Check this out!

Now that’s a beer fanatic!

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Never experienced anything like that on any of my camp trips...

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old gardening trick.

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You bastard!

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Originally posted by crusianbeer
old gardening trick.

to get them to leave or to come into the garden?

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First heard this from Chuck Palahniuk’s book Choke. In one scene the main character in the book desperate for beer went from house to house in an upper-class neighborhood stealing the beer left out at night for the slugs.

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We used to take beer cans, cut them in two, countersink them into the dirt in the garden, and pour in a bit of beer. Best slug traps ever.

Just don’t step on one.

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Used to do it all the time when I was a kid - saves a lot of damage on lettuces/greens.

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Does anyone who’s done it know if slugs have a particular beer preference? I’d like to think they have cheap taste and not so discerning that they only go for a Rochefort 10 or something.

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Considering my great grandparents used this trick, cheap swill works just fine.

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Doesn’t take much beer. Just toss an empty bottle in the yard and chances are you’ll find a slug in it the next day.