Kombucha Ale - Rateable?

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I see this on a tap list of a place I may attend tonight is this a beer I can add to database? what category (s/h/v?) or is it against policy?


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wow, never seen kombucha with an ABV that high.

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Is it a beer base fermented with a kombucha strain? That wouldn’t really work I guess at that ABV. Decent article:


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That’s pretty cool! Rate it and post it here if you cannot add the beer to the system.

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I don’t think this would qualify as a beer in any way. But it seems like they drank one too many before typing up the "about us" section on that web page.

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yea I just saw that, i would guess it is a mead. still unsure on first one’s category. if this becomes a new countrywide trend perhaps a Kombucha category for these fermented brews?

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We are discussing the matter among the admins and getting information back from the brewers to inform the decision.

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Right now, this is not rateable, because it is not beer. Where the primary fermentable is from sugarcane, that’s not a beer by any reasonable definition of the word.

What some governments mandate with respect to licensing and labelling is not relevant. First because we are a global site, we need to have global standards. Second, if the US makes kombucha brewers put "beer" on the label, that’s because the government agencies have to fit these products into an established category somewhere, since that’s easier than creating a new regulatory category. That’s fine and dandy, but has nothing to do with us.

Should one come along that specifically meets the criteria for being a beer, it would be given consideration, but exceptions must be based on evidence.

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Our unlisted guidelines are available here.

The item was never commercially available

The recipe for the product is the same or reasonably identical to an already listed product by the same producer

The product contains no or almost no alcohol

It is not fermented

A non traditional cider or perry is marketed as having flavor profiles distinctly different than the base fermentable fruit, and reliant on added flavorings rather than whole fruit, raw honey or other whole source materials

The product does not contain at least 50% fermentable grains, fermentable honey or apples or otherwise fails a test of product authenticity

A sake that is not Japanese or in the Japanese style, not fermented with koji and/or was not processed with Aspergillus

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Why do we allow sake, mead, kvass, and sima, but not kombucha? Couldn’t it be categorized under "traditional" like we do with kvass?