Chicago in mid-February

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beers 3665 º places 310 º 16:40 Thu 1/31/2013

Iím going to have a few days in Chicago in a week and a half. What places are easy to get to on public transportation from around the Magnificent Mile? Iíd like to hit up at least Haymarket but am open to other suggestions.

beers 295 º places 10 º 16:51 Thu 1/31/2013

If ya wanna pop by Pipeworks, Iíd be more than happy to give ya a tour. We are close to Piece Pizza and Revolution so ya could make a little loop of it.

17:42 Thu 1/31/2013

If u are up on the north side, check out this place:

beers 295 º places 10 º 17:49 Thu 1/31/2013

Also walking distance from Pipeworks... and where we have our official meetings ;)

beers 316 º 18:44 Thu 1/31/2013

I recommend checking out Jak Melnickís Corner Tap right now by the Mag Mile. Some other places you can get to easily from public transportation is Revolution brewpub off the California blue line, and that whole area that BJ was talking about above. The Local Option is pretty close to the Fullerton red line stop as well.

beers 3665 º places 310 º 09:40 Sun 2/3/2013

Thanks for the pointers. Iíve been to Local Option once before and it was solid. Definitely on my list are Haymarket, Pipeworks, and Revolution.

beers 3665 º places 310 º 13:44 Sat 2/9/2013

Just a bump if anyone wants to get together on Sunday night. Iím staying down by the Rock Bottom but I am sure there are plenty of other options.