Traquair Jacobite Ale

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beers 1223 º places 24 º 18:44 Sat 2/2/2013

Just had one for the first time in a couple of years since it has been hard to find locally. Damn I forgot how much I love this beer! I need to go back and re-visit some more of my old favorites.

beers 9192 º places 322 º 18:51 Sat 2/2/2013

Yes! I need to do the same. Traquair is one of the places I really want to visit. Should have got married there.

beers 3462 º places 64 º 19:24 Sat 2/2/2013

I rated this beer a little over 5 years ago and havenít had it since. Iíve seen this beer recently and have been curious if I would appreciate it more. Maybe Iíll grab another bottle

beers 1223 º places 24 º 19:28 Sat 2/2/2013

I am normally not a big fan of coriander in beer but it is used so well in this one that it really stands out.

beers 2850 º places 75 º 06:33 Sun 2/3/2013

Its been years for me. The House Ale is one of only 2 perfect 5.0ís I have given, and I gave a 4.9 to Jacobite. Iíve long thought I probably over-rated them in my newbie beer geek era, but hey, theyíre still good.

beers 1194 º places 109 º 07:49 Sun 2/3/2013

One of my faves.