The Best Canned Beer in the World is...

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beers 1249 º places 40 º 11:43 Sun 2/3/2013

Epicurious did a canned beer taste test, and here are the results for the best canned beer in the world.

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First comment was aces.

beers 2996 º places 156 º 12:12 Sun 2/3/2013
beers 2451 º places 57 º 12:30 Sun 2/3/2013

Next, Epicurious will name McDonalds as the best restaurant in the world.

beers 9278 º places 199 º 12:32 Sun 2/3/2013

The best cheese in the world is Kraft Singles.

beers 4199 º places 121 º 12:35 Sun 2/3/2013

I better go down and get 10 cases of Coors Light to age in my cellar.

beers 645 º places 46 º 12:41 Sun 2/3/2013

I hear that Foie Gras goes best with Beringer White Zinfandel

beers 21255 º places 1032 º 12:50 Sun 2/3/2013

You know this ’taste test’ is bullshit when Utica Club isn’t even mentioned.

beers 2452 º places 182 º 12:51 Sun 2/3/2013

People that don’t know anything about beer just love writing about it.

Everyone knows that they best canned beer is Milwaukee’s Best!

beers 1591 º places 63 º 12:54 Sun 2/3/2013

Coors light drinks just fine. Better than most pale lagers around, cheap, and always fresh.

beers 3925 º places 267 º 12:58 Sun 2/3/2013

I detest coors light always have. Long before I cared about beer in any fashion I refused it, for some reason it also gives me a killer headache. I was Busch Light person in those college years.