Gaming and beer

Reads 1003 • Replies 35 • Started Sunday, February 3, 2013 8:04:31 PM CT

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beers 584 º places 9 º 20:04 Sun 2/3/2013

Any gamers here that enjoy drinking some good beers while playing xbox/ps3? I’ve been playing Black ops 2 multiplayer non-stop.

beers 2023 º places 24 º 20:28 Sun 2/3/2013

Played Call of Duty multiplayer non stop from COD2 through Black Ops, but lost interest through MW3. Didn’t buy BOps2. WS/SP

Killing time with Mass Effect 3 multiplayer and Dishonored/Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning.
Waiting for Bioshock Infinite to come out.

beers 645 º places 46 º 20:40 Sun 2/3/2013

I used to get my DnD on drinking this:

I am absolutely not serious

beers 3264 º places 138 º 21:11 Sun 2/3/2013

I’ve been playing Ni no Kuni.

beers 1589 º places 63 º 21:25 Sun 2/3/2013

Blackipa and I get drunk online and yell at trayarc for creating black ops 2 quite a bit.

beers 10017 º places 672 º 23:44 Sun 2/3/2013

I have a beer while playing halo 4 but it’s hardly integrated into playing. More like in between games

beers 39 º 23:49 Sun 2/3/2013

budz you one xbox or ps3???

beers 10000 º places 121 º 00:44 Mon 2/4/2013

Been playing a little Halo 4 lately, although I hate how short the interval is between games. Hardly any time for notes and scrutiny. At least CoD:MW2 gave a solid minute. My gamer tag is DRSILVERWORM.

Also dabble in some MineCraft. Mostly mining for 2 hours, losing everything in lava, and rage-quitting.

beers 10017 º places 672 º 01:12 Mon 2/4/2013

anyone wants to play halo gamertag is tarheels86 on xbox

beers 584 º places 9 º 03:08 Mon 2/4/2013

Originally posted by schmidtguy
budz you one xbox or ps3???

I’m on both, but play xbox more

I enjoy Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly and, on occasion, Dominoes, when having a beer.