Longest barrel-aging?

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So, the new Central Waters Fifteen was aged for 26 months, and that’s just about the longest period of barrel-aging I’ve heard of. I’m writing a piece to that effect, and just want to get my facts straight.

Anyone know of any beers, imperial stout or not, aged for longer? Thanks all.

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Cantillon LH12 was in barrels for 5 years

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Green Flash Sleepin’ With Shaggy was a 4 year aging as was Weyerbacher Idiot’s Drool.

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For sure other beers have been aged longer in the barrel, however, I can’t think of a Stout/RIS that has.

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Jackie Os oaky golden pucker was 46 months iirc

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Early batches of Adam from the Wood were aged for 7 years.

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Rio reserva 4 years in 2 barrels

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Awesome. Thanks everyone.

Any impy stouts spring to mind?

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Sam Adams Utopias consists of a blend of beers, according to Sam Adams, some of which were aged for nearly 20 years.

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Batch 1 of Dirty Horse claimed to be aged for 20 years because it was forgotten about. I’m not calling this a lie, but I’m not exactly taking everything every brewer says about their product to be 100% true. Sometimes a good story adds to the beer mystique.