I like me some premium malt beverage with natural and artificial flavors

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Just moved into a new apartment yesterday. Most of my stuff, including all of my beer, is still stored at my parents house where i stsyed for the last few months. The only thing left behind by the previous tennants is a dirty sponge and a 24oz bottle of smirnoff ice. I have to say, ive never had this stuff before, but its not too bad after a long day of work.

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well, when you put it THAT way.....

beers 10636 º places 420 º 21:17 Mon 2/4/2013

Tilt Watermelon is the fucking shit. Who the fuck doesnít like Watermelon Drank?

beers 1898 º places 34 º 04:16 Tue 2/5/2013

So glad I got to tick the Tilt Green before it became unrateable.

places 10 º 05:23 Tue 2/5/2013

Smirnoff Ice, Better than sucking on a dirty sponge!

beers 1799 º places 63 º 06:24 Tue 2/5/2013

These things hurt my stomach.

beers 234 º places 12 º 07:49 Tue 2/5/2013

For what itís worth, those things are difficult not to enjoy... but only because itís essentially a Sprite with a beer base rather than a carbonated water base. I generally stick to soda (itís a heck of a lot cheaper) if I want soda and beer if I want beer, but I wouldnít turn down a free one.

And Iím with keanex, I canít drink more than 2 before I get stomach cramps from the sweeteners. Still, these are a heck of a lot more drinkable than Arbor Mist or Four Loko.

places 1 º 08:20 Tue 2/5/2013

Iíve had enough craft beer that was worse tasting.

Easy enough to suck down ice cold on a hot day.