If you could get one keg?

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Unique question here. I have a buddy who is a pilot in the military. He makes several training flights a year, typically to places he would like to go visit. He pretty much has free range to go anywhere domestically. As a treat to his students, he normally picks somewhere cool so they can grab a bite at a famous restaraunt or see an attraction.

Well, now he presented this question to me. Where should he go to pick up one awesome keg of beer to bring back to the barracks for their kegerator? He is stationed in Florida, but location is not a factor (besides Alaska). Open for suggestions!

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Not Georgia. State law requires that you pay a hefty (I think $50-80) deposit on all kegs, which is forfeit if not returned within like 3-5 days.

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That would probably take some planning ahead to contact breweries or local shops to see what they have. I can imagine thereíd be some pretty awesome kegs he could get in California from various breweries/stores/bars/etc.

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If you get a brewery that uses disposable key kegs that would make logistics easier. They do use a special attachment though.

A good brewery in a small town that he will likely never see in his neck of the woods is Boundary Bay in Washington State, they are family owned and do a great IPA and Scotch Ale.

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See if he can get a keg of Heady Topper. That would be awesome, but might not be a good beer to keep around. And I am not sure if they keg at all. But if they do, that is the beer to get.

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If I didnít have access to them all the time, I would say Head Hunter, White Rajah or Willoughby Peanut butter Cup Coffee Porter. If I could choose a keg out of my distro zone, I would probably go with something like Pliny the Elder.

Edit - this is highly dependent on whet style of beer he wants.

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I would fly to San Diego, hit up all the breweries there, and figure out what to bring back. Doubt you can get an Alpine kep but you could get Sculpin probably.

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You can buy kegs of Hill Farmstead to go

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Originally posted by GT2
You can buy kegs of Hill Farmstead to go

This would win for me.

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Originally posted by Guyute_Pig
Originally posted by GT2
You can buy kegs of Hill Farmstead to go

This would win for me.


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Originally posted by GT2
You can buy kegs of Hill Farmstead to go

Except for when you canít. Better call ahead, sometimes they arenít available, and I think they only do 1/6 BBL, just FYI.