Mikkeller Single Pop Bottle Dates

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This was previously brought into question but unanswered. What are the bottling dates for the Mikkeller Single Hop Series. Does anyone have any information as to which ones are/arenít fresh?

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by Single Pop i mean unmarried father

beers 8125 º places 958 º 22:04 Sun 2/10/2013

Would love to know this too

beers 6147 º places 44 º 22:15 Sun 2/10/2013

Just had a Simcoe that was filled with floaties. Not bad, but Im sure it wasnít at itís peak.

beers 22 º places 1 º 22:46 Sun 2/10/2013

All the ones Iíve had recently (10 - 12 different) were bottled between February and May 2012 (maybe march - April).

beers 6147 º places 44 º 22:50 Sun 2/10/2013

Anyone have any stand out favorites in the series?

beers 15152 º places 115 º 00:13 Mon 2/11/2013

Mikkeller just released some freshly brewed ones.
Nelson Sauvin, Citra, Tomahawk and Amarillo.
Simcoe coming shortly, but what you had, I donít know !!

beers 1024 º places 31 º 00:43 Mon 2/11/2013

Go by the best by dates and withdraw a year or two - i.e. bb 13/01/2014 means bottled 13/01/2013. You canít always trust this, but most of the time you can.

beers 6147 º places 44 º 19:36 Mon 2/11/2013

I canít figure the bottle date : 8321103

beers 8125 º places 958 º 20:37 Mon 2/11/2013

Yay, new Simcoe! I have been waiting to try this one cause I donít want a year old IPA

beers 8557 º places 353 º 21:48 Mon 2/11/2013

You can get an idea by looking at the beerís stats page


For the "single hop" I seemed to like the Cascade and the Nelson Sauvin the best.

For the "hop series" the Columbus killed it for me with the Sorachi Ace right there too.

YUM!!! I love hops.