raspberry beers

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i like raspberrys !
ive had oud beersel, mikkeler ( sdpontanframboos) , cantillon ( bot rosee andf lou pepe ) , hanssens, ...
NO way i can get ( an affortable) framboos ( THE framboos)
any other must-tastes ? i realy like the sweetness of it, but i can very well drink it in a sour beer as well. only thing is, it must realy taste like raspberry , the more the better :)

02:31 Wed 2/13/2013

William bros up in scotland do a great Tayberry beer too. Kind of tart and sweet at the same time.

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Lost Abbey Framboise de Amorosa has got a great raspberry aroma.

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New Glarus Raspberry Tart. Not a sour, but the raspberry flavor is off the charts.

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Goose Island Lolita would be my suggestion. Great beer that is fairly easy to find.

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Pipeworks Well Read Temptress...
I had a bottle the other night and it was very tasty!

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That Mikkeller Monks Brew Wine Barrel Edition with Raspberries had a really great seedy earthy raspberry note that dominated the finish. If you like Quads and Sours as well this is one to check out.

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Elysian Omen Raspberry stout was ok thats the only one ive had

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Lindemanns Fram. I know its lame but the nose always was big raspberries as was the taste.

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+1 for New Glarus Raspberry Tart. That stuff is fabulous!