The Last Barfighter

Reads 410 • Replies 2 • Started Friday, February 15, 2013 6:36:34 AM CT

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beers 4176 º places 188 º 06:36 Fri 2/15/2013

Does anyone know where I can find one of these?!??!

beers 2996 º places 156 º 06:59 Fri 2/15/2013

Hey Butters, as in buy one or just find where they are?

Anyway, looks like a one-off, for marketing purposes, but you could contact McKinney or Big Boss I guess and see if they would sell you one.

Too bad the game doesn’t look so great.

beers 4176 º places 188 º 07:38 Fri 2/15/2013

haha. yeah. the game looks kinda shitty. I just wanna go to wherever they have one of these set up and drink the beer!