who was your first trade?

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Who was it and are they still on the site?

I was just looking through my trade history and SQNfan http://www.ratebeer.com/user/53815/ was the first guy I traded with. He was last seen on Nov 18, 2009. Crazy because I remember thinking he was a veteran at the time. I was the last trade on his profile before he vanished.

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Has anyone ever heard of daknole? Ha!

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First one I set up was with pepsiedcan I think. But the first one that actually got completed was with cletus.

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ChiTownPackFan...and he is still the man

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Originally posted by foppa78
Has anyone ever heard of daknole? Ha!
Hey, I (finally) know that guy! :P

My first ever trade was with a guy on another site (non-beer site) and Iíve only done about four trades on this site. My first being with nightrider who hooked me up with Knuckle Sandwich, Denogginizer, Coronado BBBW and some other good stuff, IIRC.

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HomelessDrew was mine. I think Kyle might have been my second tho :)

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Originally posted by khoffman43
ChiTownPackFan...and he is still the man

Agreed. Won a photo contest and he sent me a bottle of the first Enjoy By and a Risgoop (which I just drank the other day, finally). Pretty awesome and I intend to pass that spirit along come free beer week.

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foppa78 - almost 3 years ago. Thanks for my addiction.

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ksurkin was my first trade, and he really set the bar for me in terms of showing how cool and welcoming the beer community is.

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JB175. Awesome trader, but I donít see him around much any more.