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beers 3217 º places 131 º 08:33 Sat 2/16/2013

So I'm trying to purchase a KBS release ticket. I was quick to the draw and got one in my cart. Now when going to check out it seems as though the site has crashed. Is this typical? Should I keep refreshing?

There is a 15 minute timer for checkout but if I hit the back button it starts over. This is my first attempt to order in brown paper tickets so I'm curious if I am out of luck or not.

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beers 147 º places 4 º 08:39 Sat 2/16/2013

Having the same issues. Got to check out then it crashed. Must be too popular of an event for them to handle? Same thing happened when I tried to buy Dark Lord tickets last year on another site. Frustrating, but it is only beer.....

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beers 2120 º places 17 º 08:52 Sat 2/16/2013

from there facebook page:

We are aware of the issue that many of you are having/had with the KBS release tickets this morning. We have used Brown Paper Tickets for ticketing service in the past and were assured multiple times that their servers could handle whatever traffic we might bring their way. We are actively looking into this issue. Please accept our apologies while we investigate further. Stay tuned...

beers 147 º places 4 º 08:55 Sat 2/16/2013

The website now says all tickets have sold out already.

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beers 2451 º places 57 º 09:01 Sat 2/16/2013

Iíve never had problems with brown paper tickets except when they sold out too quickly. Perhaps traffic overload appeared to be a DDoS attack, so their servers shifted to a defensive mode.

beers 3217 º places 131 º 09:05 Sat 2/16/2013

I finally got a Day#4 ticket! My advice is go to the screen where you first started and keep added whatever day you want to your cart. It will keep directing you to the main page if they donít have it. Just hit back on your browser and keep trying. I had a day 4 in my cart at 11 and couldnít get though the checkout fast enough before the crash.

Iím glad I finally got it. Good luck everyone and thanks for at least letting me know it wasnít just me.

beers 3217 º places 131 º 09:11 Sat 2/16/2013

Michbeerlover - keep refreshing...they likely arenít all gone, because plenty of people are having the issues we had. I actually had it in my cart twice, the first time before the crash and the 2nd time when I went to check out after answering some questions the site told me I had nothing in my cart.

Keep trying and good luck!

09:15 Sat 2/16/2013

Yes - keep trying. I just got a Sat ticket at 11:15CST - 1hr15min after they went on sale. Site load went down and a bunch of shopping carts expired I suspect.

beers 147 º places 4 º 09:39 Sat 2/16/2013

Thank you all for the advice. I kept try even though it said all were sold out and I just printed my ticket for Saturday. Thanks again. I would have just given up otherwise.....

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beers 3258 º places 138 º 11:16 Sat 2/16/2013

Originally posted by artmcd8

So someone is willing to pay $157 for 12 KBS!!! $13/bottle is apparently the market price now.

Note: I am not selling this, just wanted to clarify

Please donít post that here.

beers 3258 º places 138 º 11:17 Sat 2/16/2013

For what itís worth, it seems that the site was holding tickets once you put them in your cart for an hour. Based on here and Reddit, a lot of people ended up being able to get tickets at an hour past, long after everything seemed to be sold out. That was almost certainly shopping carts clearing from people that didnít realize they had tickets saved.