Best "Dirty" Beer names

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beers 4062 º places 188 º 16:48 Sun 2/24/2013

For Example:

DFH - Golden Shower
Sweetwater - Happy Ending
Roth - Sex Viking
Evil Twin - Wet Dream

Can’t help but chuckle everytime I see one of these.

Against my better judgment, I’m thinking about doing a tasting with a theme of "Dirty" beer names.

Other suggestions of what should be in the lineup?

beers 6368 º places 233 º 16:51 Sun 2/24/2013
beers 11048 º places 464 º 16:58 Sun 2/24/2013

Ron Jeremy’s Stinky on my Hangdown Brown Ale.

beers 3220 º places 131 º 17:06 Sun 2/24/2013

Full Pint - Perc E Bust Coffee Porter

beers 1357 º places 4 º 17:19 Sun 2/24/2013
beers 3710 º places 20 º 17:53 Sun 2/24/2013

Sweetwater Donkey Punch!

beers 6611 º places 149 º 17:53 Sun 2/24/2013

Two of my homebrews are called Rudolph’s red badge of courage and chocolate Starfish stout

beers 220 º places 7 º 18:36 Sun 2/24/2013

Polygamy Porter
Fred’s Mom
Ross’s Mom
Finch’s Barrel Aged Secret Stache - Dirty Sanchez

beers 2052 º places 169 º 19:11 Sun 2/24/2013

Big Wood Morning Wood (coffee porter)

beers 991 º places 29 º 19:33 Sun 2/24/2013

From my cellar are Midnight Sun Panty Peeler and Hoppin Frog Naked Evil. Found a page with some good options for your tasting :

Of course you’ll have to finish the session (so to speak) with a bottle of Brew Cocky!

beers 7086 º places 28 º 19:54 Sun 2/24/2013

Indie Alehouse Cockpuncher IPA