Tired Hands - Blinded by the Light that Spills

Reads 3207 • Replies 72 • Started Tuesday, March 19, 2013 9:54:40 PM CT

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beers 11236 º places 288 º 21:54 Tue 3/19/2013

Tired Hands The Light That Spills Out Of The Hole In Your Head = a mean score of 4.23 before I entered my rating?



If you’ve not yet tried this beer and you don’t live within 30 minutes of the brewery or a beer bar that serves it, save your time and money and go buy yourself a sixer of Alpha King.


I’m not EVEN gonna look to see who rated it before me. I probably know someone.

beers 10017 º places 672 º 22:08 Tue 3/19/2013

Has it been rebrewed recently? Otherwise that growler is over a month old.

beers 11236 º places 288 º 22:15 Tue 3/19/2013

Originally posted by GT2
Has it been rebrewed recently? Otherwise that growler is over a month old.

We popped the top on it January 28th, 2013.

beers 4112 º places 259 º 22:20 Tue 3/19/2013


beers 1986 º places 10 º 22:27 Tue 3/19/2013

They just rebrewed it as their 100th brew (it’s actually their 104th but they missed it).

beers 11402 º places 464 º 22:54 Tue 3/19/2013

Dude that beer was fantastic. Wonderful brew.

beers 2338 º places 93 º 23:01 Tue 3/19/2013

Yeah I’m going to have to disagree as well. Outrageously good.

beers 4068 º places 154 º 00:01 Wed 3/20/2013

It’s definitely a softer pale ale, but i did find it exceptional in its balance and juicy, soft palate. In fact, I preferred it much more day after I initially opened it so maybe it just needed some time to settle from its journey south. I can see why brewers find it annoying when we start threads like this about beers we have very little true experience with. Most of our ratings are imperfect for this reason; we try a beer at tasting and think we have a grip on it. I know the Miami Heat are on fire, but why you trying to throw flames here E-man?

01:35 Wed 3/20/2013

Breaking news : Person from florida does not like beer not from florida

beers 11236 º places 288 º 03:37 Wed 3/20/2013

I enjoyed it, but found it thin and rather bland, but rather bland. Flawless, but bland... and it was very fresh.
It’s a pretty good American pale ale. So is Hair of the Dog Ruth and Alesmith X and neither of them are scoring a 4.26.
4.26 for this beer is ridiculous... and I’ve tried an American pale ale or two.

Of the folks who have rated it, I wonder what their average score is for American pale ales as a style. I still don’t know who they are, by the way.

I’m fortunate in that I am able to try many Hill Farmstead and Tired Hands beers that are released. Thanks so much to my friends for that.

Maybe I take these breweries for granted. I certainly enjoy most of their offerings, but this is an American pale ale for God’s sake.

A beer scoring a 4.26 should be a game changer. After drinking it, the sky should be a little bluer... the sun a little brighter... the wife a little prettier... the sound of a Harley Davidson driving past the house at 4 a.m. a little less annoying.

Yeah, I know I’m stirring the pot and poking the hive, but honestly, I think scoring this beer a
4.26 = Muppetry; plain and simple.

beers 11236 º places 288 º 03:38 Wed 3/20/2013

Originally posted by FrumptyDumpty
Breaking news : Person from florida does not like beer not from florida

Dig deep into my stats and back that up... and then shave or something.