What ya’ drinking? Part Eight!

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beers 4233 º places 125 º 19:22 Mon 4/1/2013

The thread was frozen after only 39 pages so I will start a new one:
Drinking a Les Trois Mousquetaires G.C. Weizenbock after a very busy past week and a 15 mile (800 calorie) bicycle ride that was a great trade inclusion from TheEpeeist who has become my local wheat styles trade partner for great East Coast beers!
I really enjoy getting these new weizenbocks (just needed CapFlu closer than 1200 miles away to share them).

beers 5181 º places 276 º 19:25 Mon 4/1/2013

Glenmorangie Sauternes cask (nectar D’Or)

beers 2038 º places 14 º 19:27 Mon 4/1/2013

Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Barleywine.

beers 2901 º places 44 º 19:58 Mon 4/1/2013

Tecate straight from the can.

places 23 º 20:00 Mon 4/1/2013

Too much IIPA homebrew. Greg knows....

beers 2052 º places 169 º 20:38 Mon 4/1/2013

Rock Bottom beers...yuck

beers 10714 º places 420 º 20:42 Mon 4/1/2013

Blue Ribbon

places 23 º 20:44 Mon 4/1/2013

Originally posted by khoffman43
Rock Bottom beers...yuck

Tomorrow night. Soon....

places 23 º 20:51 Mon 4/1/2013

Originally posted by adnielsen
Blue Ribbon

Why. Just why.

beers 22 º places 10 º 20:57 Mon 4/1/2013

Just cracked my first of many 2013 KBS.

beers 242 º places 1 º 21:10 Mon 4/1/2013

Sixpoint 3Beans