Really digging Agery Brewing recently

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Haven’t had a bad brew yet....loving everything they have put out so far

Czar is definitely my favorite so far

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You kidding me? F’ing autocorrect


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I really enjoy Hog Heaven!

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My favorites are Mephistopheles Stout and Rumpkin!

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I don’t think I’ve had an Avery beer in at least 4 years. Should I revisit?

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I would suggest it

The maharaja and the reverend are also great examples IMO

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Maharaja, Hog Heaven, and the IPA are nice. Most of the rest of their lineup is sickly sweet.

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I picked up a sixer of New World Porter not long ago, and I am not sorry I did. I found it funny, in fact, it says something like "The Original Black IPA" on the package.

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Uncle Jacob’s... Wow. As far as 17%+ stouts go, it stands up from the rest

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Originally posted by puzzl
I don’t think I’ve had an Avery beer in at least 4 years. Should I revisit?

Definitely. I tried most of their line when it hit the East Coast a decade ago and wasnt blown away. I visited the tasting room a few years back and was fully converted. Most of their big beers hold up quite well against some the stuff coming out these days.

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this is good to hear.