jtclockwork-when does 5k happen?

Reads 644 • Replies 18 • Started Friday, May 17, 2013 6:00:13 PM CT

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beers 12549 º places 2 º 18:00 Fri 5/17/2013

James is busy hosting a bunch of us, so he has not had a chance to enter todays ’work’ yet. Thanks for hosting a 5-10-4k Gathering!

cheers john

beers 9197 º places 337 º 18:55 Fri 5/17/2013

Cheers to a great, generous guy who shipped me some awesome beers for free beer week!

beers 1223 º places 24 º 19:12 Fri 5/17/2013

Cheers James!

beers 419 º places 32 º 19:42 Fri 5/17/2013
beers 9160 º places 292 º 20:32 Fri 5/17/2013

Man, I wish I could have made it up! I asked jcwattsrugger for a scholarship but he told me to stay off his guldang lawn!

beers 17374 º places 515 º 20:49 Fri 5/17/2013

I’m too busy peeling labels to rate beer.

beers 8770 º places 299 º 21:21 Fri 5/17/2013

Awesome pix

beers 454 º 05:09 Sat 5/18/2013

Shit, that shock top was on my hit list. /pout

Congrats guys.

beers 638 º places 57 º 05:11 Sat 5/18/2013

That picture is awesome. Can’t believe I missed this...

beers 17374 º places 515 º 08:36 Sat 5/18/2013

I finally got to rating a couple from last night. Thanks everybody!

beers 1606 º places 115 º 08:38 Sat 5/18/2013

Well done, man! I assume you have the label of #5,000?