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I´ll try with this post here, cause i got no answers in the german local forum, and i have little time.
Some friend of mine is enjoying his holidays in this area, and has kindly offered himself to bring me some local beers from there.
Which ones you would recommend to get?


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Ganter Wodan?

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From Freiburg, a 6pack of Ganter Urtrunk fliptops cannot fail!
Also: Waldhaus Ohne Filter Red and Green ("extra herb") are a few of the most distinct "new" brews of the region.

When on his way over the border over Mulhouse/Colmar/Strasbourg, anything from Le Paradis is worth a detour - although they are located up north near Metz.

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Best beers I had from Alsace came from:
. Sainte Crucienne
. Artzner (only the Perle Hop Aramis)
. Souffel (Elsassbrau La Pils)
not much indeed
Le Paradis would be better, but it’s not in Alsace.
Although there must be some good shops in Strasbourg where you can find many beers (maybe Village De La Bière)

Send a message to jaghana, tell him fist the direction that your friend will take/drive; he will be able to help

if your friend is going through switzerland, let me know

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Many thanks.
I just hope i can get some of thoe
Yes he´s spending some time in Switzerland also, but i don´t know exactly where (close to Freiburg i presume).


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I looked extensively for good beer in Alsace last year. Lots of craft beer, but the quality is generally low. I would take the German recommendations.

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Ganter Wodan has run out in most shops in Freiburg, but you can still find them in the bigger REWEs in the area + I have a few cellared. BM me if interested.