TheWolf Hits 10k!!

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I know another Dane hitting 10,000 beers, big deal

But it is a big deal because this man

Wolfie, Rene, TheWolf is a top bloke. I will never forget trading beers with him in a car park at 9am on a Sunday morning in Antwerp after a particularly heavy night in The Kulminator and being overjoyed with the Mikkeller Beer Geek Weasels he gave me amongst other things.

He and Signe are a wonderful couple and I hope to see you both at a festival soon.

Cheers Rene

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I think I met him briefly in Brussels and the next day again in Grobbendonk. Not sure though...
But congrats on this milestone!

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Congratulations, René

It’s always a pleasure bumping in to you at various bars and festivals

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WooHoo! =)

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Congratulations! Impressive singular effort in the more recent years to get to the 10K!

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Congrats René! Cheers :-)

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Cheers. Always a pleasure sharing beer with good people (+ dunkpigen). Impressive with the latest thousands being a solo mission!

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Cheers René! Shared quite a few with the Kolding crew and hope to share some more "best beers of the festival" in the future! :-)

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Rate on!