The Festival - Help me with my drunk notes

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beers 5950 º places 416 º 13:22 Mon 6/24/2013

Hi guys,

Thought I’d create a forum topic for those of us who don’t have all the info we need to complete our ratings from the event. Please help!

Imperial Biscotti Break I was told the version we had was made with hazlenuts and chillies which was different from the regular. Anyone have more details?

What version of Even more jesus was being served at The Festival?

Finally, Masia Agullons had a sour made with raisins, but I don’t have the name. Is it in the DB?


beers 6905 º places 9 º 13:40 Mon 6/24/2013

The Imp Biscotti Break is a new beer, read about it here:

Specially made for DeCicco’s

beers 8025 º places 322 º 13:52 Mon 6/24/2013

Looks like we need another IBB entry in the db, then, to avoid confusion.

beers 6265 º places 287 º 13:54 Mon 6/24/2013

At the risk of making a fool of myself, I will ask: was the 3 Fonteinen Oude Gueuze 1998 served the regular Friday night Oude Gueuze or the 50th Anniversary?

It had the Felix de Boeck label, but I don’t remember if there was a foil. From what I understand from the following document, only the 50th Anniversary had the Felix the Boeck label.


beers 4561 º places 47 º 14:17 Mon 6/24/2013

It was the 50th anniversary

beers 6265 º places 287 º 14:19 Mon 6/24/2013

Oh yeah! Thank you Sir!

beers 1223 º places 112 º 16:15 Mon 6/24/2013

It was just one goddamned big blur.

beers 3208 º places 63 º 16:17 Mon 6/24/2013

It’s over ? Why am I still stumbling around....

beers 5950 º places 416 º 10:58 Wed 6/26/2013

No one remembers? Damn!

beers 6905 º places 9 º 13:29 Wed 6/26/2013

Sorry, didn’t really take any notes at all, save for some mental ones for the new Cantillon and 2 Drie Fonteinen beers I haven’t had before.

I remember tasting the Even More Jesus and thinking it was delicious though. Maybe contact j12601, he was ticking beers like crazy and may have had that. He’s still in Maine, so he may not respond for a few days.

beers 6368 º places 233 º 13:37 Wed 6/26/2013

Originally posted by kramer
The Imp Biscotti Break is a new beer, read about it here:

Specially made for DeCicco’s

Was the DeCicco’s beer made with chilis?

Edit, I guess it was. I didn’t taste any heat at all in this one when I opened it last night.