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beers 9407 º places 400 º 21:21 Tue 7/2/2013

There should be a new award for when you finally manage to drink more IPAs than pale lagers. It’s about to happen, and I feel like it means something. It probably means I haven’t spent as much time in non-beer drinking countries. I have only about 20 ipas to go through before I catch up and don’t foresee any upcoming pale lagers other than an indonesia country rating I’ve had kicking around for a while. I guess the real sign of a master is when you have more stouts or saisons than IPAs and lagers, and the sign of immortality is having more lambics rated than lagers or ipas. Anyway, don’t pay me any mind. People used to talk to themselves out loud, now they type to themselves quietly in their room sipping beer. Fuck it, I’m gonna cook some hot dogs.

beers 9240 º places 1118 º 21:36 Tue 7/2/2013

Personally i am happy that i have more countries (81) than pale lagers (69)

beers 2458 º places 20 º 21:39 Tue 7/2/2013

five fruit lambics until I have more of them than pale lagers

beers 324 º places 3 º 21:40 Tue 7/2/2013

Originally posted by solidfunk
the sign of immortality is having more lambics rated than lagers

Sweet, I’m immortal.

beers 8828 º places 353 º 22:08 Tue 7/2/2013

My hats off to those who have logged 500 or more Pale Lager ratings.

beers 9407 º places 400 º 22:54 Tue 7/2/2013

Just in terms of the writing part, a lot of the pale lager ratings i’ve done have been a lot more fun and are probably better to read than an average brown ale rating - "hoppy, malt, ave carb. Pours brown with ok head and lacing. Slightly bitter finish."

beers 4703 º places 215 º 23:37 Tue 7/2/2013

Things I’ve drunk more than pale lager
-Belgian Strong Ale
-Belgian Ale
-Imp stout
Not lambic, though fruit lambic isn’t lagging far behind.

beers 14078 º places 832 º 23:38 Tue 7/2/2013

Glad to see pale lagers have fallen to 8th place for me. I’m pretty sure IPAs have always been the top for me (well, after my first few ratings obviously).

beers 11051 º places 253 º 23:55 Tue 7/2/2013

Drank more than pale lager:
Sour Ale’s, Geuze’s, Fruit-Lambic’s, RIS, Quad’s, IPA’s, DIPA’s, etc. etc.

Pale lager is #13 for me. Maybe I should be doing more pale lagers ? I have no idea how or why you guys did so many.

beers 4220 º places 17 º 23:57 Tue 7/2/2013

I am obviously not working hard enough as pale lagers are #34 on my list.

But I agree with the sentiment by the OP.

beers 4200 º places 33 º 00:04 Wed 7/3/2013

Imperial Stout 268
Belgian Strong Ale 202
India Pale Ale (IPA) 202
Belgian Ale 132
Abbey Tripel 125
Pale Lager 115
Imp IPA 108

Okay so immortality is not going to happen, but it could be worse...