Hopscotch is the star 4 a day.

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Eric is one of the few class acts who represent what rate beer is all about. Congrats bro..

I like your patriotic bikini. Cheers!

beers 8629 º places 274 º 04:58 Tue 7/9/2013

Yes, porn on the front page again!

(works for me, sorry everyone else)

beers 10067 º places 416 º 05:02 Tue 7/9/2013

OMG I see skin ... omg omg

beers 2781 º places 131 º 05:08 Tue 7/9/2013

Lol - although makes its a little harder to view the main forum page at work...still all good.

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Hopscotch looks to be a very nice young lady, full of pride for her country, and a great personality. Wait. Nevermind. Hopscotch isnít a girl at all.

Cheers Eric. Glad I got to buy you a beer last weekend before you made it all big time and famous.

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Congrats to the *4ad. =)

05:24 Tue 7/9/2013

beers 42 º places 1 º 05:27 Tue 7/9/2013

Congrats Eric! Itís an honor to drink with you.

beers 4184 º places 75 º 05:28 Tue 7/9/2013

Before anyone asks, he took the pics himself.

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Congrats Eric!