Styrofoam Cases as Checked Luggage

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places 15 º 06:45 Thu 7/25/2013

I’m visiting the states and my greedy eyes have acquired more bottles than I can fit in my suitcase to bring back. I’ve seen those styrofoam 12-packs sold at places like bevMo! and I’m curious if anyone has had success checking that as luggage without any damage to the bottles inside.
I’m travelling with multiple people so we can technically split up the bottles per person without being slapped with extra taxes on our bottles per person limit at customs, so that’s no issue.

I’d really appreciate any advice or anecdotes.


beers 7164 º places 10 º 06:46 Thu 7/25/2013

I’ve used styro 12 slotters as my 2nd bag @ Southwest a couple times.

Checked as oversized baggage.

No issues.

beers 183 º places 1 º 06:50 Thu 7/25/2013

We do it on every trip at this point and have never had an issue.

places 15 º 07:04 Thu 7/25/2013

Thanks kindly for the responses!
It’ll take a huge burden off of bubble wrapping things and hoping they don’t break in my bags. I also noticed one bottle has a slight imperfection in the glass, that isn’t really a chip - it’s kind of a surface bubble chip sorta thing, and didn’t want smoked stout all over my underoos...

beers 7930 º places 424 º 07:38 Thu 7/25/2013

I’ve used 12 slot styros in checked bagage plenty of times on airplanes (20+). Never had an issue, but I also never have tried to go through customs with one.

places 15 º 08:04 Thu 7/25/2013

just to be sure, I don’t to add extra padding inside, so long as they are 650-750 ml bottles right?

beers 1935 º places 35 º 08:06 Thu 7/25/2013

Originally posted by Globlauch
just to be sure, I don’t to add extra padding inside, so long as they are 650-750 ml bottles right?

I would add bubble wrap to eliminate bottles moving around. It’s not always a perfect fit.

beers 85 º places 44 º 08:11 Thu 7/25/2013

Don’t even need to add bubble wrap; just use newspaper around the neck of the bottle, that stops movement, too. Just check in as an extra bag, mark the box as fragile and Bob’s Yer Uncle. Done this a few times and everything comes through fine. The outer box doesn’t even have a ding or mark.

beers 2451 º places 57 º 15:22 Thu 7/25/2013

TSA usually leaves me a note that they opened and inspected, but no issues yet.

beers 470 º places 10 º 15:25 Thu 7/25/2013

Don’t be afraid of customs. Fill out the forms and declare what you have. Most of the time the amount you think is great enough to cause you to pay additional tax is not even worthy of anyone’s attention.

beers 959 º places 29 º 15:27 Thu 7/25/2013

I like to put a small wad of newspaper underneath each bottle, too. It helps with rattling and protects if the bottom of the styro should break. When you land go straight to baggage claim. Airlines insure luggage but not boxes so if it gets stolen you’re out of luck.