Do you rate every beer??

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Due to lack of time I donít rate every single beer that crosses my path. As much as I like beer, money and health issues must also be considered.
I am rather selective and use some criteria to rate a beer or not.

Here some of my criteria:
- I only rate bottled beers; so no cans, PETS or on cask/draft. If some can or PETS make the Top 50 I will give it a try (cfr Heady Topper)
- I donít rate vintage beers (of more than ten years old); I always try to taste as fresh as possible.
- I rate all Belgian beers (even export related), yet no low alcohol or table beers.
- I only rate micro brews from The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, England and Scotland; so no macro breweries! Collabs are still welcome!
- I only rate micro brews from the US (Alaska included) with a(n) expected rating from 3.50 up. Yet, I will try to rate as much beers as possible from a list of 30 US breweries: Three Floyds, Hill Farmstead, Cigar City, Russian River, Bellís, Lost Abbey/Port Brewing, AleSmith, Hair of the Dog, The Bruery,...

Because I donít rate everything I taste I have a backlog of about 250 beers that will probably never be entered on this website.

Wondering if you members also use some criteria for selecting beers to rate or not? I suppose the guys with 10K+ ratings rate everything they can get??


beers 1508 º places 101 º 12:35 Thu 7/25/2013

every beer offered.

beers 5755 º places 5 º 12:40 Thu 7/25/2013

you have very generous friends :)

beers 15749 º places 478 º 12:42 Thu 7/25/2013

Pre-rate beer, I used to only rate bottled beers with labels. I keep all my labels in books with my ratings, so if a beer had no label it would be a waste of a spot in the book. Now, I keep a separate list in my books of cans, draft-only beers and beers with etched glass bottles, so Iíll rate them.

I still keep a backlog of most beers that have a label which Iíve consumed, but donít have the label for. If I rated it thinking it was draft only, Iíll keep the rating but still look for the label. If I rated it knowing it had a label, Iíll keep it in a backlog until I can get a label.

Not sure if any of that makes sense.

beers 2283 º places 71 º 12:45 Thu 7/25/2013

not any more

beers 3773 º places 262 º 12:47 Thu 7/25/2013

I donít rate macros unless its from an odd country thatíll get me a tick. At festivals and tastings iíll rate at first or special things then i tend to get drunk and stop. In general though I rate everything.

beers 7863 º places 320 º 12:51 Thu 7/25/2013

If I havenít rated it, yes.

I havenít figured out a way to save money and take it easy on my health by *drinking* the beer but not *rating* it.

beers 1500 º places 5 º 12:56 Thu 7/25/2013

Every beer I taste

beers 470 º places 10 º 12:58 Thu 7/25/2013

I rate every beer that is not flawed by circumstances beyond my control. So if itís stale, I donít rate it. I also wonít buy from that store again if this becomes the norm rather than the exception.

beers 3567 º places 14 º 13:12 Thu 7/25/2013

Rate everything.

beers 8945 º places 190 º 13:16 Thu 7/25/2013

Yes I rate absolutely everything & I am still rating way slower than some of you.
Just how many beers are you guys trying if you have +/- 5000 and you are not even rating everything is maybe a better question here?