Beers your regret drinking...

Reads 3030 • Replies 51 • Started Thursday, December 12, 2013 1:31:22 PM CT

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beers 2052 º places 169 º 13:31 Thu 12/12/2013

because you didn’t appreciate them at the time? I traded A LOT when I joined this site and drank a lot of great beers I know I didn’t fully appreciate at the time. Would love another chance with all of them but don’t want to spend the money to trade for them all again.

Any stand out for you? Whether because they were horrible, you didn’t appreciate them or because you could sell them for a few mortgage payments now?

beers 7164 º places 10 º 13:58 Thu 12/12/2013

Or like rating a beer when you can’t even taste it or wat?

beers 3818 º places 142 º 14:00 Thu 12/12/2013

All CIB offered

EDIT: Err...... I mean I love CIB

beers 2576 º places 227 º 14:25 Thu 12/12/2013

Most recently Founders Boyl’Rmayk’R, save yourself the time and money and just order some Bourbon. No reason to drink 12oz of this and not get the effects of the whiskey.

beers 106 º 16:36 Thu 12/12/2013

My first taste of real lambic was 12 assorted bottles of 8 year old Lou Pepe Cantillons. I drain poured them all...

Thats not a joke either!

beers 1940 º places 35 º 16:56 Thu 12/12/2013

BCS Barleywine

beers 5194 º places 54 º 17:11 Thu 12/12/2013

Went back and looked at my rates. Guess I wasn’t a fan if Founders Blushing Monk about 5 years ago. Wonder what I would think of it now.

beers 2026 º places 1 º 17:23 Thu 12/12/2013

Most stuff from Tommyknocker. The few I have had were never better than okay.

beers 14078 º places 832 º 17:51 Thu 12/12/2013

I have no regrets...

beers 15768 º places 605 º 18:03 Thu 12/12/2013

Pink Killer

beers 5181 º places 276 º 18:04 Thu 12/12/2013

All of them.