Evil Twin Iperial Biscotti Break - Fruit Beer and Spice Herb Veg !

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Now I could have sworn when I rated these beers they were imperial/strong porter in terms of style, so I presume an admin has changed them.

Apoligies if I’ve missed a post on this matter but why are they now Fruit beer and Spice herb veg ? Yes I can clearly see what the additional ingredients are but these beers still hold up as imeperial strong porters with additions that add a twist to the flavour.

Is there a new directive with admins that any additional ingredients results in the beer having to leave the original base style?

Consider this ... Who, of the folks who have rated the above, sat down and said to themselves ’yeah - great Spice / Herb / Veg beer!’

There’s been the ’Session IPA’ debate in recent weeks, which doesn’t bother me, however I thought this was to align with marketing trends from brewers and bars?

So with that same marketing hat on do you really think bars are going to advertise a 10% Imperial Porter as a ’Fruit beer’ ????

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So all beers with Chilies are now Herb/Spice???

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Yeah that’s definitely wrong. And certainly inconsistent with these standards:


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poor form

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Pretty inaccurate, especially for the Decicco version. It’s not a chile beer with a porter background by any means; it’s an imperial porter with a subtle spice for depth.

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They were last edited by Jeppe.


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Originally posted by 3fourths
They were last edited by Jeppe.


Anything to be number one in style, huh?

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Oh, come on. I certainly understand the importance of brewer intent, but there are still style guidelines on the site. It he called one of these an American pale ale, would you have the same response?

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well no, i understand these are ales but not pale. it is a beer and it has fruit in it, so what’s wrong with fruit beer - the term describes it perfectly. and chiles in a porter? that’s a flavored beer, so what’s wrong with S/H/V?

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Originally posted by MaxxDaddy
Anything to be number one in style, huh?


The world is full of chili stouts and porters that are classified by the base beer. I guess perhaps the fault is ours, because reading the description it only says that the additive must be "noticeable" . I would prefer a style classification that requires that the spice/herb/vegetable be the dominant characteristic before it is categorized as such. Otherwise we need to have a mass migration of Bomb, Hunaphu, Abraxas, you name it to the S/H/V category