Beer available In Denver

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17:00 Tue 3/18/2014

I’m in Denver from Indiana and am wanting to know what are some beers that are a must to purchase that aren’t available back home. Any help would be awesome!

beers 4237 º places 903 º 08:59 Wed 3/19/2014

Not sure about best, though this is a handy resource to see what CO has that IN does not.

11:57 Wed 3/19/2014

I was out there about a month ago, I brought back mostly Crooked Stave. Also, a long shot, but keep an eye out for Russian River, you might get lucky, I didn’t.

beers 584 º places 9 º 12:00 Wed 3/19/2014

Odell, funkwerks, elevation, crooked stave, and russian river are some of the many brews I’ve received from CO traders

beers 14290 º places 858 º 12:46 Wed 3/19/2014

Just visited Crooked Stave for the first time last week and it was AWESOME!

beers 2449 º places 110 º 12:49 Wed 3/19/2014

I’d have to second the Odell and especially Funkwerks if you can head north a bit to Fort Collins. I also kind of like Crabtree in Greeley as well.

beers 1094 º places 46 º 18:26 Mon 3/24/2014

I plan on flying into Denver next Wednesday on the way to Breckenridge. Are there any stores on or close to I70 that would carry Crooked Stave?

places 7 º 19:05 Mon 3/24/2014
beers 6941 º places 103 º 19:33 Mon 3/24/2014

Unfortunately beer is not available in Denver, sorry.

beers 1094 º places 46 º 20:40 Mon 3/24/2014

Originally posted by ClarkVV
Unfortunately beer is not available in Denver, sorry.