hotel/acomm suggestions Prague?

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beers 181 º places 34 º 08:57 Thu 4/3/2014

Hey all,

looking for hotel/accom suggestions for 4 night in Prague. (Me and she)

thanks in advance..

beers 355 º places 72 º 09:08 Thu 4/3/2014

My wife an I stayed here a few years ago. It was clean, cheap, offered a good breakfast that was included and was on tram lines. Also a short walk to U Slovanské Lípy.

beers 9331 º places 1564 º 09:26 Thu 4/3/2014

Residence Elema, USD $65/night, near transit, outside of old town, not a tourist neighborhood, quick walk to Zly Casy

beers 6969 º places 263 º 10:26 Thu 4/3/2014

U Medvidku was nice imho. Hotel, brewery, and bar in one. Located in the center of Prague.

beers 7390 º places 259 º 14:53 Thu 4/3/2014

Stayed here, good value for money. 17 minutes on the tram to city centre.