Ghost Peppers

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beers 355 º places 72 º 06:36 Mon 8/25/2014

I have a handful of ripe ones ready to go. I already made one hot sauce with the previous lot of peppers. The basic recipe was:

Ghost pepper, carrots, onion, garlic, water, vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper.

I made about 16 oz of the sauce above so it will take me a while to get through. Its got a really good flavor, but is face-numbingly hot.

Anybody got another hot sauce receipe that is different? Maybe one with fruit? Or another way to use these bad boys?

And since this is food and beer, I chugged a 24oz Milwaukeeís Best as I made and taste tested the sauce.

beers 8928 º places 335 º 07:43 Mon 8/25/2014

Message zathrus13. Jeffís hot sauce is outstanding; maybe the best Iíve ever had. Need to trade with him again soon just to get some more.

beers 2451 º places 57 º 08:05 Mon 8/25/2014

Iíve had a number of habanero-pineapple salsas that were delicious, but I donít have a recipe. Try googling a recipe for one of those and sub in the ghost peppers in place of the habs.

beers 24792 º places 375 º 05:02 Tue 8/26/2014

Yeah ive a couple
I like Thai sweet chilli sauce, so ive done this

and did it using the Naga.

But my main one is
a tin (400g) of tinned pear or peachs drained.
1 chopped onion
as many chopped chillis as you want (i used mixed set)
alll cooked up in a little fresh orange juice and white wine vinegar for about 10 mins, and liquid to your desired thickness

Then liquidised and recooked for 3-4 mins and bottle up.

beers 706 º places 17 º 07:03 Tue 8/26/2014

Iíve never had a Ghost sauce that I thought was traditionally good. To me, Ghosts have a flavor not unlike stomach bile. I like them for their heat, but the flavor isnít good. I think the best tasting of the very hot peppers are the 7-pot/Brainstrain varieties. Theyíve got that wonderful, fruity flavor like habanaros, with plenty more heat.

beers 1 º places 29 º 10:23 Tue 8/26/2014

I find ghost peppers to have a big smokey flavor to them. Iíve been contemplating a ghost pepper and carmellized onion and Hungarian paprika hot sauce. I think those flavors would meld very well.

beers 1627 º places 156 º 10:22 Wed 8/27/2014

Alternatives?! Well straight away coming to mind is making a chutney with the peppers, mango, red onion and raisins.

beers 2702 º places 34 º 23:28 Wed 8/27/2014

Originally posted by b3shine
Message zathrus13. Jeffís hot sauce is outstanding; maybe the best Iíve ever had. Need to trade with him again soon just to get some more.

Seconded. Jeffís hot sauce is one of the best I have ever tasted.

beers 355 º places 72 º 11:22 Thu 8/28/2014

I went with this recipe.

It is more of a chutney even though I didnít use any raisinís and used a little garam masla instead of the tumeric. I also only used about a cup of vinegar instead of 1 1/2 cups. It had a really great flavor coming off the stove. I canned 2 jars of it and will open one in a week or so, as the recipe states.

beers 2646 º places 109 º 13:18 Thu 8/28/2014

Some concepts to work out...

a) acidity -- add as beer, cider, citrus juice, vinegar
b) salt -- salt, smoked salt
c) sweetness -- sugar, fruit
d) flavor concentration -- donít cook in a way that vaporizes volatile aromas and lets them escape.
e) texture/color -- be sure you donít have separation, blend very well or strain

You can use cider or beer as an acidic base, just try to stay away from bitterness.