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beers 7042 º places 108 º 05:37 Wed 2/8/2006

I noticed the other thread on Steven Beaumont’s comments on RateBeer. I am aware of his name. But I have always assumed he was just an amatuer enthusiast. A guy who has his own beer website. I had a look at his website and he makes a lot of claims for himself, but then so do the Alstrom brothers who also have a newspaper column.

Is he someone who is highly regarded in the beer world in North America?

beers 8749 º places 12 º 05:48 Wed 2/8/2006

Never heard of him

Stephen Beaumont on the other hand seems to have had a big input in the growth of beer appreciation in Canada, and is responsible for The BeerBistro in Toronto which is a great bar where food and beer are treated as bed mates with beer used in the cooking and recommendations made as to what should accompany each dish.

I believe him to be on a par with Roger Protz, but far more forward thinking as Protzie still extols the virtues of Bass

Other than that I don’t know much but then I am a European.

beers 7042 º places 108 º 06:00 Wed 2/8/2006

Ooops. That’s why my search on Amazon turned up nothing beer related!

I am slightly biased toward the v spelling, as that is how I do it.

beers 4070 º places 108 º 06:02 Wed 2/8/2006

He is fairly respected in North America, and he has columns in Celebrator (I think), and All About Beer, and I think he has a couple of others as well. I think he has something to do with the Malt Advocate, but I’ve never read that one so I don’t know.


beers 1281 º 06:14 Wed 2/8/2006

He’s done a number of stories in Saveur which I’ve thought were quite good.

beers 3247 º places 91 º 06:39 Wed 2/8/2006

Yes he’s published several bits regarding food and beer, and is generally respected as an expert on the two as a pair.
He’s led a number of beer dinners at Monks in Philly, which has also featured similar dinners hosted by Jackson and some others, so that sort of puts him in that company.

beers 708 º places 17 º 06:42 Wed 2/8/2006

And now he’s a Ratebeer member!

places 4 º 06:44 Wed 2/8/2006

I own all three of his books that Amazon shows right now. And I find him to be very easy to read. I have also attended a tasting he co-hosted about three or four years ago. He is a good speaker and I would recommend that you attend one of his tastings/speaking events if you get the chance.

In my mind he is well known in the beer community. Most people I talk to in serious beer discussion are aware of who he is, even if they haven’t read one of his books.

beers 2900 º places 125 º 06:59 Wed 2/8/2006

I’ve met him at GABF and he’s a good, honest, professional writer who knows and genuinely cares about beer. He’s got a unique, sometimes very personal, not always equanimous, perspective and combined with the nature of journalism to seek controversy, it’s not wholly unusual to see him pick nits with RateBeer Best.

Josh and I tend to link to his books when we can.

He’s generous with his time and afforded us an interview a couple years ago.

beers 7540 º places 736 º 08:50 Wed 2/8/2006

Originally posted by sethdude
And now he’s a Ratebeer member!

And using an alias too. Ha ha ha. Or perhaps its not the real Stephen Beaumont, just someone pretending to be him?

Chris Owen (real name)

beers 7042 º places 108 º 09:52 Wed 2/8/2006

Originally posted by DrBill77
He is probably the second most influentual and respected person in the world of craft beer! He ranks up there with Roger Prost, Fred Eckhart, etc.

Cheers doc

I assume you mean in North America. He means little to us here in Europe.

Do you think he’s more influential and more authoritative than RateBeer? Google hits for "Stephen Beaumont" are 27,900. Google hits for RateBeer are 1,070,000.

People say he writes well and he’s a nice guy. But he’s got, what - 3% of the influence and authority of the RateBeer collective.

And, just out of interest, there were 1,820,000 hits for "michael jackson" +beer. And 633,000 for CAMRA. And 16,900 for SilkTork. But I’m a busy bee on many different forums, so not all that is beer related!