traverse city, mi

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11:25 Fri 6/22/2012

Iím heading up near Traverse City next week from the Detroit area. Planning on hitting Shorts for sure. Wanted to go to Right Brain, but it looks like they havenít finished moving yet.

Anywhere else I need to go for sure? Thinking about JP, but it seems much more limited than the Ann Arbor location, so itís a maybe depending on how much time I have.

beers 316 º 12:07 Fri 6/22/2012

Old Mission Jolly Pumpkin is a must

beers 1249 º places 40 º 12:10 Fri 6/22/2012

Yes, go to JP. Sure, it is the same beer, but the location is awesome, food is great, and it is just a cool place to go.

beers 396 º places 16 º 12:25 Fri 6/22/2012

+2 on JP Old Mission, also see if you can set up a brewery tour @ Shorts. They arranged one for us last year and it was the highlight of our trip.

beers 12 º places 3 º 12:29 Fri 6/22/2012

food at jp is amazing. Mackinac brewing company is pretty good too. Best onion rings I have ever eaten.

beers 396 º places 16 º 13:05 Fri 6/22/2012

North Peak is also worth checking out: cool atmosphere and very good grub.

beers 316 º 13:17 Fri 6/22/2012

Originally posted by pellegjr
North Peak is also worth checking out: cool atmosphere and very good grub.

Good beer as well. They have a lot of their selections on at JP Old Mission.

15:27 Fri 6/22/2012

I would call Shorts first, they are scheduled to shut down to install new equipment fairly soon.

beers 25 º places 15 º 17:49 Fri 6/22/2012

Shorts is just shutting down the production facility in Elk Rapids (which isnít open to the public except a few events each year) but iím sure the pub in Bellaire will be open and a definite stop

beers 7123 º places 135 º 19:56 Fri 6/22/2012

Definitely Shorts. Also, about a two block walk from there is a tiny meat store that sells great jerky and they have some pretty good beer stashed away.
Right Brain is a must. They do some extreme and wacky stuff that is pretty amazing. Of course, you are not all that far from Founders or Bells.

beers 38 º 05:22 Sat 6/23/2012

There is a nice new-ish beer bar called 7 monks that is defintely worth checking out. Last we went they had a really nice tap selection.