Trying to plan an IPA and Chili Pairing Night

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beers 725 º places 36 º 04:16 Tue 7/3/2012

Hi folks,

Iím planning an IPA and chili night for myself and a few buddies and Iím hoping some of you could give me a bit of advice;

The chili peppers Iíve got hold of are: Guajillo, Chipotle, Mulato, Cascabel, Pasilla, and Morita, and Iím going to make salsas out of each of them and serve them up with some nacho chips.

If anyone has any comments about which hops might go well with the different strengths of chili it would be really appreciated; at the moment Iím thinking of pairing some English hop IPAs with the more earthy and mild chilis (i.e. Mulato), but Iíd love some advice about the spicier ones if you can give it to me!

Cheers and all the best,


04:48 Tue 7/3/2012

Ask Magicdave as he did one for his bar.