Twin Cities Area Brewpubs and Taprooms plus Minnesota Breweries-in-Planning 2017

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beers 11993 º places 718 º 17:19 Sat 2/4/2017

@ Utepils, just now. This place is sweet.

beers 8677 º places 740 º 19:56 Sat 2/4/2017

Originally posted by BVery
@ Utepils, just now. This place is sweet.

Just checking out Utepils now. Very solid beers out of the gate. Best opening lineup for a brewery I’ve seen since I moved up here.

beers 2045 º places 169 º 15:49 Sun 2/5/2017

Utepils was cool. Looking forward to new beers from them. Hopefully beer styles I like.

So far, they are solid. 3 good offerings and a really spectacular space.

beers 3620 º places 18 º 17:09 Sun 2/5/2017

The Star Tribune and Pioneer Press have articles on the upcoming 12welve Eyes Brewing company in the Pioneer Endicott Building in downtown (near Lowertown) St. Paul. Its owners are hoping for a summer 2017 opening.

beers 3620 º places 18 º 20:00 Thu 2/9/2017

It’s in neither the Twin Cities area nor the state of Minnesota, but Tim Nelson, formerly of Fitger’s, is planning a brewery in Superior, Wisconsin called "Earth Rider Brewing Company." This is a distinct plan from his former Fitger’s and current BevCraft partner Dave Hoops’ Hoops Brewing, a BIP in Duluth.

Also outside of the Twin Cities area (but inside of Minnesota), Reads Landing has been sold to regulars who plan to keep the brewpub running. Hat tip to Chaz.

beers 6199 º 20:22 Wed 2/15/2017

Roma Restaurant (Roman Market) in Willernie will be debuting their first two beers on Feb 24. Though their equipment is not up and running, they are having their beers brewed at Sidhe Brewing Company in St Paul.

beers 3620 º places 18 º 00:10 Fri 2/17/2017

Wooden Hill Brewing Company is the first known BIP in Edina (specifically southwest Edina). Hat tip to Chaz.

Some information on the upcoming HeadFlyer Brewing in Nordeast Minneapolis, with another hat tip to Chaz. "HeadFlyer is hoping to open it’s doors in early spring of 2017..."

... And an update on Spiral Brewing in Hastings, with yet another hat tip to Chaz. "Spiral Brewery plans to open its doors in July 2017."

Outside of the Twin Cities area, Revelation Ale Works in Hallock opens on 2-18-17.

And a new one to me: Rapids Brewing Company in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. As far as I know this is a different plan from Cantankerous, also recently announced as a BIP in Grand Rapids.

Rapids Brewing Company:

Cantankerous Brewing Company (as well as Earth Rider Brewing Company in Superior, Wisconsin):

beers 3620 º places 18 º 18:41 Tue 2/21/2017

It’s not a brewery, but Twin Spirits Distillery opens its cocktail room in Nordeast Minneapolis to the public on Saturday, 2-25-17:

beers 2045 º places 169 º 21:26 Tue 2/21/2017

Great info. Thanks for the hard work islay.

beers 35 º 20:58 Wed 2/22/2017

Not a MN brewery but that hasn’t stopped us before. Anyways in River Falls, WI, is Swinging Bridge BC having a grand opening on March 17th according to the website.