Twin Cities Area Brewpubs and Taprooms plus Minnesota Breweries-in-Planning 2017

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beers 6199 º 12:34 Sun 2/26/2017

Another BIP called Sign of Iron Brewery is looking for a location in Eden Prairie or Chanhassen. Expected opening late 2017

beers 3620 º places 18 º 21:52 Wed 3/1/2017

The previously mentioned BIP for Chaska will be called Defender Brewing. Hat tip to morimech at the other site.

Outside of the metro area, Star Keller Brewing Company, the Schell’s spinoff that will be specializing in Berliner Weisses, opens to the public on Friday, March 3 in New Ulm.

beers 3620 º places 18 º 21:00 Tue 3/7/2017

Granite City is closing its St. Louis Park location on March 26. Its Eagan, Maple Grove, and Roseville locations remain open in the Twin Cities area. Fermentation takes place on site at the individual restaurants in the chain, so I have been counting each location as a brewpub.

It’s a beer bar, not a brewery or brewpub, but the famous HopCat bar chain is planning its first Minnesota location for downtown Minneapolis.

Dual Citizen Brewery is in planning for the Midway area of St. Paul, with a supposed fall 2017 opening. Hat tip to Windvaner at the other site.

Lupulin in Big Lake is expanding and canning some beers:

Outside of the Twin Cities area, in the Iron Range, Boomtown Brewery & Woodfire Grill is in the works for Eveleth. Hat tip to Farmer Dave Anderson (BeerBoy) at the other site.

An article on the two previously mentioned BIPs for Grand Rapids, Minnesota (not to be confused with Grand Rapids, Michigan, the home of the original HopCat):

Castle Danger (personally my favorite brewery in northern Minnesota, with the possible exception of Fitger’s) is expanding in Two Harbors:

The head brewer at Urban Lodge in Sauk Rapids is leaving for Jack Pine in Baxter:

Speaking of Jack Pine, it’s opening a new location, still in Baxter, in May:

beers 3620 º places 18 º 10:58 Thu 3/9/2017

The Growler has an article on Swinging Bridge Brewing Company in River Falls, Wisconsin, which has its grand opening on 3-17-17.

beers 35 º 17:55 Fri 3/10/2017

Sidhe closing maybe opening in Lowertown in the old Ryan’s/Station 4 location as Culhane Brewing

beers 3620 º places 18 º 20:51 Mon 3/13/2017

BlackStack in St. Paul softly opened to the public this afternoon.

I’ve heard that the Looney Bin plan for Lowertown St. Paul is changing its name to Stacked Deck (not to be confused with "BlackStack").

12welve Eyes in Lowertown St. Paul is aiming for a June opening.

More on the closing of Sidhe and the Culhane plans:

Outside of the Twin Cities area, Island City Brewing in Winona opens on Friday, 3-17-17:

beers 3620 º places 18 º 23:14 Tue 3/14/2017

It’s not a brewery, but "Copperwing Distillery is now open in St. Louis Park."

beers 3140 º places 134 º 16:32 Thu 3/16/2017

Originally posted by islay
BlackStack in St. Paul softly opened to the public this afternoon.

Easily the best New England Style IPA I’ve had made by a Minnesota brewery (Local 755). Head brewer got his start at Town Hall, then Great Waters and then Excelsior. They’ve got a nice pilot brewing system and a really huge tap room with tons of parking (100 spaces underground in addition to the surface lot). Will certainly be back!

Edit: the owner mentioned that the big-ass smokestack will be painted black soon

beers 3620 º places 18 º 17:20 Mon 3/20/2017

"Tanzenwald Brewing Company [in Northfield] will be celebrating its GRAND OPENING on 4/20!"

HeadFlyer Brewing in Nordeast Minneapolis has announced a 4-22-17 grand opening for its taproom:

Barrel Theory Beer Company, St. Paul, Facebook, 3-15-17, asked about an opening date: "I know we keep saying ’spring 2017’......but we promise we mean it."

More info on Minnesota’s most recently opened brewery, Island City in Winona:

Reminders: Sidhe is scheduled to close on 3-25-17 and Granite City is scheduled to close its St. Louis Park location on 3-26-17.

beers 3620 º places 18 º 10:39 Fri 3/24/2017

The Growler covers Roma Restaurant & Brewery in Willernie, which is operating now as a restaurant with the brewery still under development. Also note that Roma already has produced a couple of beers as a client brewer at the soon-to-close Sidhe. You may recall that this is an evolution of the former Valhalla BIP. Roma is a rare brewpub-in-planning; the vast majority are taprooms-in-planning.

Another brewpub-in-planning, this one way outside of the Twin Cities area, is Boomtown Brewery. I believe I’ve previously mentioned it as a BIP, but I had it as an Eveleth plan. It turns out instead it will be in Hibbing. Hat tip to JeffyMonster at the other site.