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14:42 Mon 3/28/2016

Dear UK-member of RateBeer I need you! :-)
For my end of study work (at the EPFC, Brussels, Belgium ) I need to realize a survey on the UK-beer market. Could you help me by filling this survey and share it to your friends, family and enemy?

The survey takes about 10 minutes and is totally anonymous! Thank you for your help!

beers 5200 º places 142 º 14:58 Mon 3/28/2016

Maybe you would get a better take up by posting in the UK forum.

beers 37879 º places 1204 º 15:21 Mon 3/28/2016

Maybe buy a premium membership in advance of any help?

That would be the difference between me bothering to help or not.

15:35 Mon 3/28/2016

Hey thanks for the info :-)