UK Beers Split - new thread 2012

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Sharps Single Brew Reserve

Turns out they brewed it to the same recipe for the first three years (2007-2009), changed the recipe for 2010 and changed again for 2011.

I’ve moved all the ratings to what look to be the correct entries, which was mostly quite straightforward. I suppose some that didn’t specify the year may have been old bottles or old ratings so take a squint to make sure.

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More tidying up than splitting but there are three different versions of Marble "Utilty" IPAs - different recipes & hops used - and we only had two on the site. I’ve had to add the Marble Utility IPA (Bottle). The notes I’ve put in the commercial descriptions explain all.

Only the last one listed below is still available. Because it was not on the site until I added it today, some people have put their ratings under one of the other two, which were. Most of the misplaced ratings I’ve been able to move. However, there are a few from 2012 that should probably go under the current Utility IPA but may conceivably be for old bottles of Utility Special 2010. Those ratings are at
and are by


Could those people please check which version they had and either move them themselves (if necessary) or post here and I’ll move them for them.

Hope all that is reasonably clear.