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beers 6047 º places 317 º 03:11 Tue 10/17/2017

I'm going to be back in the UK over Christmas, and I was wondering where people would recommend buying beer online is. Preferably stuff with a good range of top UK / European craft stuff. Not too bothered about shipping cost or anything, so anywhere EU that ships to the UK would be fine too.

I'll also be in Liverpool over Christmas, rural Hampshire over New Year's, and London for three or four days in early January. If anybody is interested in an IP trade for some New Zealand beers then send me a message.

beers 5276 º places 59 º 03:48 Tue 10/17/2017

I buy a lot online. Really, a lot. Might as well post my list (not exhaustive but should cover 99% of UK based online bottle shops) for your own perusal.

EDIT: A current and more detailed directory is being maintained by myself over on the new forums:

Original post:

Not in any particular order though my recommendations are stronger for the top 5 or so: - mostly UK stuff but does have some pretty small/new/unheard of breweries - mostly just UK stuff - mixture of craft and macro stuff from all over the world, also useful for some harder to get country ticks and Belgian/German beers. - shipped direct from each brewery so only worth it if you're buying in bulk from each brewery you're interested in. - ABInBev owned for a couple of years now

A few others I know of but haven't used yet so can't vouch for them - Used to be a monthly subscription service but now also sells singles - only stocks imperial strength beers

EU sites who (I think) deliver to the UK: [Denmark} [Belgium] [Belgium] [Belgium] [Netherlands] - mostly for US/Canadian beers [Netherlands] [Germany] [Germany] [Poland]

Hope that helps.
Edited to add the two sites Stu suggested that I'd somehow missed.

beers 22800 º places 389 º 03:52 Tue 10/17/2017

The UK sites are covered well here. For EU sites I'd add:

beers 6047 º places 317 º 04:03 Wed 10/18/2017

Thanks for all the info! Lots of sites to check...

beers 5276 º places 59 º 04:39 Wed 10/18/2017

No problem. Also I didn't bother pointing out breweries' own online stores, but BrewDog are by far the biggest and also sell guest beers (a handful of which are occasionally "exclusive" to them) so they may be worth checking out -
Cloudwater, Magic Rock, Beavertown and many others also have their own online shops, soon Northern Monk will too. There's plenty of others too and many who don't will be found on Eebria as I pointed out earlier.

If there's any beers/breweries in particular you're looking for I might be able to point you to which sites are most likely to have them to save you browsing them all.

beers 14093 º places 1487 º 05:10 Wed 10/18/2017

Cannot add anything further to the excellent detail that LazyPyro has provided, other than to say that I also spend a lot online (I live in a rural location) and I use the following (see below), with the top two far and away the most regular spends. We travel to the Netherlands and Belgium quite a lot in the camper so not used any of the EU sites as pick up most of our continental beers directly in the camper when on travels.

Beer Gonzo
Beer Revolution
Buxton (now have own webshop)

beers 5276 º places 59 º 05:50 Wed 10/18/2017

Mikkeller's webshop also ships all over the UK and EU if you're interested in their beers

beers 6047 º places 317 º 23:59 Sat 11/4/2017

Thanks for all the advice. Big box of beers from will be waiting at my parents house for me!

beers 5276 º places 59 º 01:44 Mon 11/6/2017

Solid choice.

For anyone else seeing this thread in the future, please disregard the list I posted above as it may well be (or become) outdated. A current and more detailed directory is being maintained by myself over on the new forums:

beers 6892 º places 107 º 06:40 Tue 11/7/2017

As you'll be in Hampshire, you might want to visit the Bitter Virtue beer shop in Southampton.

And if you do visit Southampton, give me a nudge, and I'll take you to a few brewpubs and craft beer bars. We have rather a lot here. Also some old fashioned cask beer ticking pubs with no kegs in sight, but around 10 active pumps from local breweries.