Unwanted Whales BIF 3.0 - International Edition

Reads 3951 • Replies 41 • Started Thursday, April 26, 2012 5:30:04 AM CT

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beers 321 º 07:14 Tue 5/1/2012

What’s in the pot so far?

beers 1 º 07:17 Tue 5/1/2012

Cantillon Pinot d’Aunis
Isabelle Proximus
Cantillon Jean Chris Nomad
Cantillon Blåbær Lambik batch 7
Midnight Sun M
wooden hell
Cantillon Crianza Helena
De Dolle Stille Nacht Reserva 2000
Batch 4 Blabaer
Cable Car 07
Närke Stormaktsporter
Veritas 005
cantillon 50n4e
Darkness 07
Veritas 004

to name a few

beers 1 º 08:55 Thu 5/3/2012

potential international shipping is keeping people away I think...
20 or so sign ups so far.
at least 35 different beers

will keep this open through the weekend at least

beers 46 º 15:58 Thu 5/3/2012

did you send emails back to anyone who has submitted?

beers 1 º 16:08 Thu 5/3/2012

Originally posted by heylrule
did you send emails back to anyone who has submitted?

no not yet

beers 1307 º places 44 º 08:09 Sat 5/5/2012


beers 3474 º places 77 º 11:23 Sat 5/5/2012

Is it too late to submit another beer, i have already submitted 2 beers, but i know for sure at least one of them will be cut off, maybe both. So can i submit another one?

beers 1 º 10:52 Sun 5/6/2012

Signups will close tonight at midnight UTC-12... aka, midnight at the last place on earth!

Hallinghansen- send me an e-mail with what you’d want to switch ([email protected])

beers 1 º 05:47 Tue 5/15/2012

Round 1 of the Unwanted Whales BIF is wrapped up so the list for 3 is going out!
Check it out here:

beers 1307 º places 44 º 03:59 Wed 5/23/2012

Bump. What is the submission status on this ?



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