Using Cooling Units in a Beer Cellar...$$$$$

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Wow. Just, wow.

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<quote>"It's summer so my cellar will soon be at 75 Degrees unless I can keep it cool. It's a well insulated room that keeps lower if I put an evaporative air unit like a Humidifier in there but that's only around 70 Degrees F.

I looked at AC units. They all require a window vent and every 4 hours changing of a water pan.

I need a self-standing AC unit that requires zero maintenances and no ventilation through a window that will keep a 30 square foot room at 55 Degrees F year round. I don't wanna touch the thing once it's setup.

I found a few professional Wine cellar units that keep the rooms cold, are self standing / mountable and don't require any vent or water changing but they are $700-$1500. I can't afford that. Is there a cheaper option?"</quote>

A refrigerator (or 2) may be a better option?

Any mini-fridge or apartment sized refigerator can be set up as a beer cooler. You can get one new or used for a heck of a lot less than a free standing A/C unit. A Mitsubishi wall hung unit requires piping to condenser section located outside the structure as well as a condensate pump. That will run you about $2,500 installed. Chill those beers the old fashioned way, they'll keep just fine in a 45-55 degree, de-humidified environment. Remove any light bulbs if you're concerned about light exposure.

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Is this thread for real???...Adam, your original post referred to not being able to afford $750-$1500 for your $10,000+ inventory???? You obviously have some funds, so why make this post. Have you ever heard of's a great site for those find those hard to find answers. I understand you are proud of what you have and what you will be getting in the future, hell I'm envious, just be a little more discreet about it.

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"I have 400 bottles in my cellar after 3 months of entering the world of craft beer" This screams "Look at me, I am cool". Who cares how many bottles you have and how little time it took you to accumulate that many bottles. You like to flaunt this stuff everywhere. Rent an offsite cellar to store your "massive" collection.