Using Honeyberries in a Mead

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13:44 Thu 9/3/2015

Originally posted by wchesser
Maybe Welch’s white grape juice for a pyment that isn’t grape jelly? I use fresh wine grapes just bled off from making wine, but that is a seasonal thing and this ain’t the season.

I like the idea of a split batch, but with blueberry juice (you should be able to get a high quality one at a natural grocer type place). I agree with HornyDevil that they will probably be subtle. I still would recommend not adding them until the secondary and aging it on the berries for a few months. I think you’ll get more fruit, especially on the nose.

I’ve used Welch’s frozen concentrate for champagne before and it was tasty. Far better than Old Orchard, so worth the extra few bucks.

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