Victory and Southern Tier Merge....kinda?

Reads 777 • Replies 3 • Started Tuesday, February 16, 2016 11:11:41 AM CT

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beers 355 º places 72 º 11:11 Tue 2/16/2016

Don’t totally understand this but interesting none the less.

beers 4460 º places 328 º 21:37 Tue 2/16/2016

It sounds almost like a preemptive move before one (or both) get swallowed up by InBev / MillerCoors. The fact that venture money is involved makes me wonder if this isn’t sort of the end goal.

beers 11545 º places 158 º 23:02 Tue 2/16/2016

Not sure how an extra middle man helps either of these brewers, especially when they both seem to have things squared away.

beers 4705 º places 276 º 01:21 Wed 2/17/2016

newly formed company managed by a Manhattan private-equity firm.

Just seems like a roundabout way to say that both companies just sold out.