Vietnam-brewed Japanese beer

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beers 3008 º places 147 º 05:08 Sun 11/20/2016

Picked up this beer in a supermarket in Nha Trang, Vietnam. I am guessing it is brewed in Vietnam under licence by Sapporo. Abv is 4.5%.

Can’t find it on rb, and can’t understand who the brewer is. Sapporo Vietnam?? Doesn’t seem to be here either.

Got another (Sapporo Premium Beer, 5% abv also with the same text on the can).

Maybe it’s sold in Japan under a different name?

Any ideas?

beers 9953 º places 533 º 10:03 Sun 11/20/2016

Yup, the brewer is Sapporo Vietnam. It went under our radar apparently.

beers 9953 º places 533 º 10:22 Sun 11/20/2016
beers 3008 º places 147 º 12:58 Sun 11/20/2016

Originally posted by Marko
There you go. :)

Thanks a lot!