Vine Park Brewing Company questions

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beers 2052 º places 169 º 13:46 Mon 10/8/2012

So my sister and brother-in-law really like craft beer. Not enough to trade it, rate it, etc. but they always make sure to hit up a few brewpubs, bottle shops, breweries, etc. when they travel.

I stumbled across and was wondering if this was worth buying for them as a gift? They can brew their own beer without the purchasing of equipment, ingredients, etc.

If anyone has done it or has knowledge of it I was wondering the following:

Is it worth doing?

How much of a gift card/cash to give them to do it?

Since I’ll likely be drinking some of it is the beer they will be making going to be any good?

Anything else?

Any feedback is much appreciated. The pricing on the website is confusing since it lists bottles as a separate cost from the batch of beer.

Wow, this was a very wordy/long post.



beers 32 º 18:20 Mon 10/8/2012

If they’re not hard-core beer geeks & you think they’d enjoy it, I say do it.

Brewed a batch of beer there with my next-door neighbor a couple years ago & the beer wasn’t great, but it was certainly good enough to drink.

The real appeal isn’t just the beer, of course. For those who haven’t seen beer being made, that part is cool. And when you go back for the actual bottling, a couple weeks later, see if you can go when others are bottling. We swapped bottles of our beer for different styles that other people were bottling at the same time, then sat down & sampled them all out.

Good fun.

beers 2052 º places 169 º 18:31 Mon 10/8/2012

The swapping bottles sounds like a good move...otherwise its like 3 cases of the same beer which is a lot.

Thanks for the input. I’ll probably do it since they would enjoy it and even though they love beer, they wouldn’t look down on a not great/rare/unique beer like others might.

beers 30 º places 8 º 20:46 Mon 10/8/2012

I will say that my father in law went here twice and the second time the witbier he brewed was infected, it turned pretty sour. I enjoyed it but no one else in the family would go near it. So there’s that.

beers 4201 º places 112 º 20:46 Sun 10/14/2012

Independent of the brewing experience, I received a charity growler card for Christmas last year--my sister-in-law bid on it at a charity auction, and gave it to me. It entitles me to five free growlers of Vine Park beer. I only pay the tax (technicalities).

And you know, the beers they brew are reasonably good. I’ve had four growlers in the past year, always picking something big from the things they’ve had available, and they’ve been consistent drinkable and enjoyable. They’re definitely not on many peoples’ map, but I think they’re more deserving than the attention they receive at present.