Visiting Hamburg on 19 June

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I have never been to Hamburg and would love to meet up with a few ratebeerians while there.

Even if you're not in the area, if you have any recommendations for things to do (beer or otherwise) while in the city, I'd appreciate hearing your advice.


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Hi Nick.

Hamburg is a beautiful town and you will have a great time. Beerwise it's crap though :) I would suggest that you have a traditional German lunch at Joh.Albrecht Brauhaus which is in a very convinient location (touristic-wise), he has 3-5 taps of his own (average) beers and the food is quite nice. Then you can take a 10' train to the best beer store in town (Bierland Hamburg). There you can find lots of hard to find German micros and other stuff as well approx. 300 labels, the people working there are very friendly, knowledgable and you can speak in English. Apart from that there are nice museums, musicals and I would recommend a boat trip of the lake and canals.I don't know my schedule yet but there is a chance that I will be in Rotterdam for a business trip. If not, I am free after 6 pm to share some wl and rarities ;)


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Thanks, Alex. I hope we'll be able to meet up!

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I spent a couple days last week in Hamburg and enjoyed it. The Joh. Albrecht place is very convenient, but the beer was mediocre at best. Bierland, as said above, is excellent if you are looking for a store. I would recommend the restaurant Pappenheimer Wirtschaft. It is a bit out of the way, I was staying in St. Georg so I was able to walk there, but can probably be reasonably done with public transit. It is a Franconian-style pub and though it only has two beers on tap, Krug and Meister, was absolutely excellent beer and food-wise. The Krug draft and the bratwurst were both of the best food and drink I've had in Germany in months. Highly recommend if you can make out there.