Walt Powell, RIP. Meetup at the Draught House - June 5th

Reads 4083 • Replies 22 • Started Wednesday, June 5, 2013 8:08:42 AM CT

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08:08 Wed 6/5/2013

This is just a note to say that I will be at the Draught House tonight, June 5th around 6:00ish, to have some drinks and reflect on our good friend, Walt Powell. If anyone wants to join me, drink, and share some stories, that’s where I’ll be. I’ll likely bring something sour to honor his memory.

Please spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

13:25 Wed 6/5/2013

Sorry to bump. Just wanted to make sure people see this.

beers 1942 º places 20 º 14:01 Wed 6/5/2013

Pinned it to the top so everyone can see it easier. I’ll be toasting our munchkin mascot myself at home. Don’t think I could make it to Austin quite in time.

beers 1490 º places 271 º 14:26 Wed 6/5/2013

wish I could be there as we shared so many beers and stories there.

hope I run into you or other "Walt people" so we can share brews.

Cheers, Alan

beers 2900 º places 125 º 14:30 Wed 6/5/2013

Thanks MilkManDan

beers 1798 º places 19 º 14:58 Wed 6/5/2013

I can’t get away. I wanted to. Will there be a more formal RB wake? ’Cause I wanna be there, beers in hand.

beers 2345 º places 122 º 16:42 Wed 6/5/2013

I would imagine that the funeral will be here in Dallas. Whether or not its open to the public, I don’t know yet. His family might be a little overwhelmed by the FB response.
If it is public, I expect a very nice wake, probably only RB folks since even I never met his folks. I can’t have it at my place, but as soon as details of the funeral become available, I will move heaven and earth to find someplace for us to gather.
No need for whales, just some Orval and some memories.

beers 4536 º places 136 º 17:23 Wed 6/5/2013

I will have to join you all in spirit mourning all our loss

beers 6371 º places 240 º 18:02 Wed 6/5/2013

I’ll join you in spirit while having a few tonight reading all these threads about Walt thinking about him even though we never met…. peace to his family and friends.

beers 2228 º places 58 º 19:24 Wed 6/5/2013

beers 2228 º places 58 º 19:25 Wed 6/5/2013

John, let me know about funeral or wake, i will be there if can.